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Use EC2 Spot resources for production environments thanks to the multi availability zone and on-demand autoscalling functionality.

Skytuneup offers reliable and efficient use in the AWS Spot market with 100% cluster availability and 70%-90% reduction costs.

Skytuneup’s unique value proposition is its availability to add resiliency to workloads that otherwise would not be suitable to run on revocable resources.

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Incredible Cost Reduction

Thanks to the automate utilization of Spot Instances you reduce your platform costs.

Skytuneup Smart Engine®

Predicts the price evolution for every EC2 instance type between all AZ's and Regions regardless of whether they are on-demand or Spot.


Scale-down unneeded instances automatically and save money when demand reduces.

Instances diversification

Skytuneup makes a diverse use in multiple instances types and sizes. Instances sizes are determined in real-time to ensure fast and cost effective workloads.

High availability

Skytuneup is deployed over multiple datacenters and purchases capacity from multiple capacity pools, so jobs won’t be interrupted.

Dynamic Scale

Dynamically scale based on AWS CloudWatch, custom metrics, or predictably according to a defined plan.


Scale-up automatically when demand increases.

Ensure your production capacity

Skytuneup is designed to run a solid fixed size of group of compute resources, ensuring capacity will never drop below requested capacity.

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