Use EC2 Spot resources for production environments thanks to the multi availability zone and on-demand autoscalling functionality.

Skytuneup Smart Engine® predicts the price evolution for every EC2 instance type between all AZ's and Regions regardless of whether they are on-demand or Spot. Based on that constant analysis, the platform automatically decides the most effective autoscalling way between EC2 resources, reducing the cost and ensuring the highest availability for production environments

Skyspot Groups


Plan and simplify your cloud resources management using the most intuitive platform to track and control your actions based on your business needs.

Define a group of resources by functionality, environment or business application type (Resource pool). Schedule different timeframes depending on your business needs. Planificate the execution of different actions (Tuneups) for every Resource pool in any Scheduled defined.



Ensure the backup of your cloud resources, planning the timeframes for the snapshots allowing you to simplify the assurance of your platform.

Have in a single view the full control of your cloud resources, controlling when you did your last backup. Group the resources by type or business needs. Schedule the timeframes for your backup snapshots. Planificate the retention policy of each Resource-pool. Finally, control your infrastructure health based on the management of the existing backups of the platform.


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