The company

Enimbos was founded in July 2016 as an advanced solutions company that develops and integrates highly innovative technology based on Cloud solutions. It has its origin in several workers and managers of technological companies, and is materialized by Javier de la Cuerda, former CEO of Itconic and Telvent Global Services (part of Nasdaq:TLVT), with more than 20 years of experience in executive positions in the IT sector.

Enimbos is focused on the transformation of enterprises maximizing the benefits of using cloud Infrastructures, Platforms and Services. The company actively supports migration, assurance, information management and monitoring systems in hybrid environments, contributing the complete control of infrastructure and optimization of resources. The main goal is to help companies to evolve their IT Infrastructures to cloud environments, multiplying their cost efficiency with respect to the savings already offered by Cloud, guaranteeing total control over the operation and independence of the Cloud Providers, and ensuring the Continuity of Business.
Enimbos is the first company certified in Spain by the standards ISO 20000, 22301 and 27001 for the provision of Service Management, Information Continuity and Security of Infrastructures and Applications in Cloud and Hybrid environments (on-premise).

Research and development is one of the key activities for Enimbos, deploying its own services and products and differentiating from others offering a complete and unique set of services.

There is a team of professionals behind Enimbos, highly trained to guarantee the optimal migration to the cloud and with the best technological partners in order to always offer the best solution to each client.

Meet our team

What else …

We are the Cloud enabler Company, and a reference providing the following services:

Cloud Advisory

Definition of efficient architectures, definition of environments and migration of applications to the cloud.

Cloud Governance

Management of capacity and performance and use of infrastructures, integrating alert management.

Cloud Orchestration

Management of multicloud infrastructures and hybrid environments, allowing autoscaling of applications.

Cost Management

Monitoring and allocation of associated costs, allowing budgetary control.

Workload migration

The migration of loads and applications will be carried out according to the recommendations.

Cloud System Administration

Proactive operation of the systems and resolution of incidents in 24/7.